Öhlins MX Service Kit – RXF 48 S Front Fork
Öhlins service kit for RXF 48 S front fork includes all the wear components you need to restore the performance level to factory spec, complete with stickers and guide sleeves. Do not settle for low-quality knock-offs when you can get the real thing and continue winning races.

  • Kit Part No: 15999-01


Öhlins MX Service Kit – TTX Flow Shock Absorber
Öhlins service kit for TTX Flow shock absorbers contains all parts that are subject to wear. A service will restore the performance level to an almost as new condition, ready to race and win championships.

  • Kit Part No: 15999-10


Öhlins MX Service Kit – Spring preload for
TTX Flow Shock Absorber
Replace your old spring platform and lock nut for fresh look and improved reliability.

  • Kit Part No: 15999-11