Universal Conventional 43

Universal fork for custom builders that wants supreme suspension
with classic style.


Öhlins offers a 43 mm conventional universal fork for any custom builder that wants to give the bike supreme suspension yet classic style and at the same time get the familiar Öhlins Racing design. They are available in an Öhlins gold version as well as a black version.

The technology in this fully adjustable fork has been proven through the years on numerous applications and works for a range of different applications.

The top cap gives the possibility to adjust spring preload as well as rebound adjustment in each leg separately. The external adjuster on the fork bottom clamps is for compression adjustments. The fork bottoms come without brake caliper and fender mountings, this enables the fork to be easily adapted to various models.



Stroke 120 mm

Length 800 mm

Triple clamp diam. 43 mm

Wheel axle 32 mm

Spring rate 9,5 N/mm

Fully adjustable

Setting can be changed with help from Öhlins Service Centres