TTX 22 M Application

TTX – Twin Tube Technology custom made for Specialized MTB



World Cup downhill performance design to work in harmony with your Specialized bike. A damper that simply makes you faster, ride harder and constantly look for rougher sections. Ride what you never thought possible, flow through that section where death grip and a prayer was the only option. The limits you had, no longer exist.

The TTX 22 M Application shock absorber is designed to handle the most challenging World Cup Downhill tracks while still providing pedal efficiency for the flat and uphill sections. The twin tube design allows the gas pressure to always backup the low-pressure side of the piston to keep pressure at a controlled level. This ensures consistent damping performance on all types of terrain and improves damping response to give outstanding control of the bike and tire movements.

Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable. Spherical bearings and low friction bushes reduce friction on the shock during side loads to improve small bump sensitivity. 3 different high speed compression settings for the Demo 8, Enduro Evo models.The standard Enduro model features the stability mode, the 3rd position on high speed compression adjuster isolates low speed damping to reduce suspension movements during less technical climbs.

If you are looking to redefine what your bike can do, then this is the shock for you. Limits are made to be broken.



Specifically designed with the Enduro/Gravity segment rider for the Specialized Demo 8 2011+, Enduro Evo 2013+ and Enduro 2013+ bike models

TTX Damping Technology by Öhlins

Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system

Easy to set up with enough adjustment range to suit different riding conditions

External, 3 level high-speed compression adjustment (2 level plus Climb mode on Enduro shock)

External, 16 click low-speed compression adjustment

DU Bush or Spherical bearing mounting options

Specific optimised spring range for each shock stroke to reduce weight with 23lbs 4N/mm increments saving 25-30% weight