Group N

Developed and modified for Group N rally classes.



This shock is developed for the rally Group N class.

The front strut is a Twin Piston McPherson strut with a 44 mm diameter piston, three way adjusted with one-way rebound and two-way compression. The rear damper is a Twin Tube TTX44 with a 44 mm piston and it’s four-way adjusted.

Both front and rear are fully pressure balanced, eliminating the risk of cavitation and due to low gas pressure they keep the internal friction low.



TPX44 McPherson strut (Front)

44 mm twin piston (Front)

PDS (Progressive Damping System) (Front)

3-way adjusted, one rebound and two way compression (Front)

TTX44 Twin Tube shock absorber (Rear)

44 mm single piston (Rear)

PDS (Progressive Damping System) (Rear)

4-way adjusted, course rebound adjuster in the shaft, single rebound adjuster in the cylinder head and a two-way compression adjuster (Rear)