FGR 300

The FGR 300 packs the very essence of advanced suspension technology.



The FGR300 packs the very essence of advanced suspension technology. Packed with technical solutions developed in MotoGP and World Superbike, the FGR 300 improves on its predecessors in a number of ways to stay further ahead of the competition. Building on the technology from the pressurized TTX25 front fork cartridge kit, the reinforced outer tube adds stiffness to the design, crucial for complete control in racing, and a thinner piston rod allowing for improved dynamic behavior. Also, a 3.5 mm bleed valve allows for a larger adjustment range, adjustments that have never been easier to carry out with the color coded adjustment knobs for both compression and rebound, together with a click setting function for the spring preload.

All in all, the TTX technology packed FGR 300 represents the pinnacle of front fork engineering.



Pressurized TTX25 Cartridge technology

New stronger outer tube top

Longer, lighter design

Improved adjustment features

Fully engaged top out spring as an option