RXF 36 27.5″ Air Front Fork


Implementing TTX technology in the front fork, featuring a twin tube design, enabling parallel and separated oil flow to ensure optimal pressure at all times. Controlling the pressure levels ensures initial smoothness and staying high in travel with maintained bump absorption, traction and stability.

Low and high speed compression are externally adjustable and fully independent. Thanks to the easy to tune, 3 Chamber Air spring and contrary to most of the forks available, the shape of the spring force can be adjusted, such as increasing sensitivity without bottoming out all using your regular shock pump.

Why boost? With the wider hub flange, and the stronger spoke-bracing angle, the stiffness and stability of the wheel is massively enhanced, at a tiny weight penalty, resulting in more effective and more precise bike handling.



22mm piston

46mm Offset

Boost 15x110mm

3 Chamber Air Spring

15 click rebound, low speed comp, 5 click high speed comp with pedal mode

27.5″ fork

Axle to crown is 563 mm @ 170 mm, 553mm @160, 543mm @150, 533mm @140

Max tyre size: 27.5×2.8 (Actual allowed outer dimensions of tyre: 725×70 mm)